Category Awards

Best of the best.

We celebrate these remarkable individuals who rose to the challenge and delivered outstanding performances that have paved a better way to financial freedom for their clients.

Annual Premium Income

1st place: Loh Kai Xin Katherine
2nd place: Chung Yee Lin
3rd place: Ong Hui Min

Non-Participating Product

1st place: Chung Yee Lin
2nd place: Carmen Choo Wei Shan
3rd place: Tan Xu Yao

Unit Trusts

1st place: Lee May Nee
2nd place: Lee Wei Qi Cliffson
3rd place: Loh Kai Xin Katherine

General Insurance

1st place: Goh Wee Chong Dominic
2nd place: Serene Quek Bao Xia
3rd place: Chen Liying