Our advisory groups

We offer solutions tailored to our customers’ ever-evolving needs, empowering them to navigate life with greater confidence. And to ensure only the best service for our customers, all our Wealth Managers are handpicked by experienced advisory group leaders for their skills and desire to help others.

Ivan Tan


Advisory Group Leader: Ivan Tan

“Success at Vanguard starts with “Making Dreams a Reality Together (MDRT).“

Vanguard focuses on supporting financial advisers through training and technology to provide innovative financial solutions for their clients. We believe that taking care of our advisers is key to effectively meeting clients' financial needs and building long-term trust.

By prioritizing the wellbeing and success of our advisers, Vanguard creates a mutually beneficial situation for both advisers and clients, helping to achieve everyone's objectives.”

One Group

Advisory Group Leaders: Carey Ang, Smith Foo, Woo Ern Ern

"One Group comprises of first-grade Wealth Managers with a singular focus on delivering tailored and quality financial advice so customers can look forward to a more comfortable future.

Our innovative spirit drives us to continuously engage with our customers in new ways, so we’re always with them at every life stage. And our pursuit for progress motivates us to constantly sharpen our skills so we can serve our customers with distinction."

Private Clients Planner

Advisory Group Leader: Darren Tan 

"With Private Clients Planner (PCP), you get a progressive team of professionals, motivated by the vision of building a significant long-term relationship with each client.

The team at PCP believes in treating others like you’d treat themselves– with utmost respect, trust and care. This philosophy has been a guiding force in our search for like-minded wealth management professionals and is what drives us to deliver sustainable solutions that puts our clients at the centre of what we do."

Jerry Lim Group

Advisory Group Leader: Jerry Lim

JLG advocates an open culture where our Wealth Managers share their knowledge and experience. Our team of Wealth Managers celebrate success and embrace lessons together, fostering a culture of growth and development.

Our mission is twofold. Firstly, we aim to cultivate the next generation of leading Wealth Managers by building on their existing strengths, skills, and knowledge. Secondly, we are committed to delivering fulfilling client experiences through our holistic, one-stop-shop approach to wealth management.

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